MIGHT - Short film

Director: Emil Sallinen  Production Company: Clutch Productions

Might is an epic short film that has won multiple awards, including the Grand Remi for Best Short Film.

This was the project that brought our company together.  As a Sci-Fi short film featuring power armour-clad shock troopers dragging dissidents off in flying dropships to meet their final judgement in an enormous temple/arena, the concept was truly brave. 

Petteri Mäkinen as Production designer had set the world-building bar high, with extensive physical costumes and props painstakingly crafted by the Art Department. The task for the Visual Effects department was every bit as enormous, and we were determined to do our utmost to do justice to the ambition of the project.

Might  was the first project we worked on together and we realized we had something special that we needed to hold on to. We decided to keep the momentum we had gained with Might and form a company. Thus, GRIM was born.

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